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Primo, Giuseppe, and Giovanni

On March 21, 1931, while preparing chimney to be torn down at the pulp mill in Powell River, 3 workers fell to their deaths, and one was seriously injured after the scaffolding broke and they fell. They were all were recent immigrants from Italy who had come to Canada under an immigration program and found work there building the pulp mill. The 3 workers that died that day were Giovanni Pelosa, age 33, Giuseppe Morello, age 29, and Primo Gobbo, aged 26.


Giovanni Pelosa 1897-1931

Giovanni Pelosa TombstoneGiovanni Pelosa Plaque

This is a record that was posted by the Ellis Island website:

Giovanni Pelosa

Giovanni was born Ruvo del Marte, Italy:

View Carmela's (his Mother who was 41) Travel Record

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Giuseppe Morello 1901-1931

Giuseppe Morello TombstoneGiuseppe Morello Plaque

Giuseppe came to New York from Melili.

Giuseppe Morello

Melilli on the map:

We are assuming that he went back to Italy, and lived in Guardavalle. He then went back to New York when he was 22 years old.

Giuseppe Morello

Guardavalle on the map:

Primo Gobbo 1904-1931

Primo Gobbo TombstonePrimo Gobbo Plaque

We are assuming Primo's name was Fioravante Gobbo, and that Primo was just his nickname.

Fioravante (Primo) Gobbo

Prata Pordenone on the map:

Primo Gobbo, Elio Shiffo, Joe Vizzuti, Angelo Turchet, Ottavio Brandolini, Fides Brandolini

Powell River Mill 1931Powell River Mill 1929

Powell River Pulp Mill 1931/1929


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